Windows Azure SQL Data Sync (SDS) – SQL Data Sync Setup Steps for Azure MS SQL Data Sync

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Azure MS SQL Data Sync turns out to be a great solution.   On a project I am working on, there is a need to get the Azure SQL database data synced on a schedule onto a database on the corporate network. With SDS you can sync up, down or bi directional.   I did have a little issue where in one field, the int data type was marked as a non supported data type.   Here is the link to the steps to...

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Behind the Scenes with Google Plus Authorship

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Have you ever seen those little profile pictures next to search results. It really draws you in to that particular search result. This used to be hard to do and would only show up if you had a relationship with the person. Now, Google has broaden the profile picture reach. Let me know in the comments if you want to know exactly how to set it up and Iwill write an article. Google Authorship You can link...

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